About Us

My name is Cynthia.

I live with our Shiloh Shepherds Rocky and Ember, Sumo our barn-cat-turned-housecat, and my husband Jeremy. (Not listed in order of importance. 😉)

When we brought Rocky home at 8 weeks old, he joined us with our 10-year-old golden retriever, Sammy.

Just 6 months later, Sammy was diagnosed with lymphoma. Clouds of cancer covered his lungs.

At only 8 months old, Rocky was a solid presence for us as we grieved the loss of a family member.

Years later, Rocky is still that calm, soft presence that cuddles with us when we’re having a rough day, or is game to have a 6-mile hike.

We added Ember in 2022, and our house feels more whole.

Animals and nature are my Zen, and I can often be found holding a bag of dog treats and my camera.

I have a strong passion for responsible animal ownership and ethical breeding practices.

In my spare time I enjoy reading books on animal behavior, photographing dogs, fostering, and volunteering with my local animal shelter. As of 2022, I have 1000+ volunteer hours to my name.

I am currently a Breeder-in-Training and serve as chair on the board of directors with the ISSA Shiloh Registry. I am thrilled to be part of this science-forward organization. Their in-depth, research-based approach to dog breeding is everything my inner dog-nerd ever wanted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. And if you like the photography you see here, I’m available for sessions! Check out Campfire Photography.


Instagram: @campfireshilohs

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