Campfire Shilohs

“Beauty, brains, and brawn.”

Tina Barber

About Shiloh Shepherds

Shiloh Shepherds are a large, family-oriented shepherd that have been around since 1991.

They’re often described as being “easy for a shepherd,” and well-bred Shilohs are active companions and family guardians.

Reputable breeders are science-forward and do extensive health-testing and DNA analysis of their dogs.

They are recognized by ARBA and often compete in breed-specific specialties, IABCA, and ICKC.

Shiloh Shepherd History

All Shiloh Shepherds descend from about 20 dogs from their kennel of origin, “Shiloh Kennels.”

Most of these dogs were showline German Shepherds, with a handful of carefully vetted outcrosses.

The breed officially split off from German Shepherds in 1991.

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